How to Extend The Tent Life?

Jun. 02, 2017

The first is the problem of folding-up gazebos, do not store wet tents directly, which will lead to fabric and coating premature decomposition. Be sure to keep the tent clean, dry, and store in a cool, no sunny environment.

The second is to take care of your tent pole, most of the tent pole damage occurred in the process of building the tents. When building or dismantling the canopy, start from the center toward both sides, equally distributed the tension of the elastic rope.

The third is to treat zipper, the best way to extend the life of the zipper is to open the zipper slowly and use both hands. Keep the zipper clean and remove the fine gravel. 

The last point is to avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, although the folding tent acts as a shade, any tent must be stored in a sun-free environment when not in use.

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