Note Four Parameters When Buying Folding Gazebos

Jun. 21, 2017

Folding gazebos are divided into many types depending on the needs used. No matter what kind of products, we are in the purchase, not only to compare the business, but also to understand the fold the product performance. In general, buy folding tents, just look at the following four parameters.

First: folding tent floor waterproof index, should be more than 1000MM, the higher the better;

Second, the fabric, Riga> Oxford cloth> nylon, we try to choose a good waterproof and breathable fabric according to our own needs.

Third: pole material, the thicker the tent pole, the better the tents. Aluminum alloy tent rods is longer than glass fiber rods.

Fourth: folding tent design, it is divided into different structural forms, including single-chamber structure and hall-style structure, different structure parameters are different, such as canopy area.

 Tent Pole

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