Outdoor Tent Fixed Method

Jul. 18, 2017

Outdoor activities will generally have a lot of people, ranging from hundreds of celebrations flow, as many as ten million people of goods exhibition! A mobile safety is a top priority. In addition to tightening the various parts of the screw, strengthen the location of the connector, more importantly is to fix the tent base.

How to fix the outdoor tent? according to the different ground conditions to solve in detail!

1. cement floor: screw fixed or pressure water bag;

2. grass or sandy land: It can be done with steel brazing or heavy weight! As the grass or sand is relatively soft, be sure to use steel brazing deep into the ground or with heavy pressure tents base position. If the scene of sediment, you can use sandbags, if there is water, can install water bags.

3. Wood panel, marble or square brick: Pressure water block or water bag, size to determine according to the size of the actual tent.

Under normal installation and fixation, advertising tents can withstand eight to ten winds.

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