Do You Know What The Style of The Tourist Tent?

Jul. 21, 2017

Camping is a favorite thing for young people, camping must have a tourist tent, do you know what style of tents?

On the appearance of tourism tents, the common travel tent generally divided into five styles:

Triangle Tourism Tent: Front and behind side use herringbone iron tube for the bracket, the middle frame use bar connection, hold up the account, installed on the account, which is the most common early tourism tent style.

Dome-shaped tour tents: Using double rod cross support, disassembly are relatively simple, is currently the most popular style of the market.

Hexagonal travel tent: Using three or four-pole cross-support, some tents use six-bar to design, focus on the stability of tourism tents, is the "mountain" tourism tents common style.

Boat shape travel tent: After holding up like a buckle over the boat, generally the middle part is the bedroom, two sides are the shed, pay attention to the wind flow line, is also one of the common tourist tent style.

Roof-shaped travel tent: It is known as car tents. The top frame of a ridge-like structure of the roof, this travel tent is generally tall, suitable for driving or relatively fixed field.

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