What Is The Difference between Bracket Tent And Pole Support Tent?

Jul. 27, 2017

The tents that most used in foreign countries are pole support tents and bracket tent, but they are difference of the advantages and disadvantages.

The bracket tent is an aluminum alloy or iron pipe frame to support the tarpaulin, which does not use the center pillar to hold the tarpaulin, and the tarpaulin can also get the proper tension, so that the interior of the tent is more flexible. This is often said that the folding gazebos. Stent tent outside is not used the rope to pull the tarpaulin, bracket tent itself is very stable and solid. 

Pole support tents must use the center pillar to support the tarpaulin, tarpaulin all the tension from the pole, pole must be properly erected, tent also need a rope to pull the tarpaulin to fix the tent. So the tents can be closer to tall buildings, houses and other buildings.

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