3 Tents Questions You Might Overlook

Aug. 04, 2017

First of all, drying is important for a new tent. One is a comprehensive inspection, if the tent has leakage needle, leakage pressure glue place, must be replaced in time to avoid the use of security risks. The other is scattered "poison", especially the printing of advertising folding gazebos, be sure to let the taste to disperse.

Followed by cleaning, every time you run out, tents need to be cleaned, and is thoroughly cleaned. If it is rain or return from the beach, the tent is everywhere in the annoying sand, the level of cleaning should be improved.

The last is storage, first check the tent accessories are intact and intact degree, the camp column must be separated from the bill cloth, to avoid poking cloth. Tents should not be folded regularly, often such fold will produce creases. Do not put other items, especially heavy things on the tents, so as to avoid damage to the waterproof material, cause degumming phenomenon. Regularly or irregularly to take out the tent for drying, re-organize and then folded to store.

Advertising Folding Gazebo

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