Maintenance And Cleaning Method of Outdoor Advertising Folding Gazebos

Aug. 14, 2017

Advertising tents provide a display props for the promotion of products to create a promotional environment and add a promotional way, but because of improper use and manipulation, often lead to greatly reduced the life of tents.

1.Cleaning should be use gentle and average force. 

2.place the cleaned folding gazebos at the shade place to dry, do not put under the sun or bake at the high-temperature place, to prevent the withdrawal or degumming, accelerated aging.

3.Do not contact with acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances, to avoid erosion by degumming deformation.

4.Do not contact with the sharp things to prevent scratching. 

5.Advertising folding tents should be timely cleaning, to prevent moldy smelly. 

Folding Gazebos

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