The Use of Folding Gazebos

Mar. 01, 2017

The use of folding gazebos is very wide, many units, companies, individuals will buy folding tents. What do we need to pay attention to in the use process?

First of all, when opening the packaging must not use sharp blade and other sharp tools. There are many customers to reflect the tent fabric damage, after checking can be found very obvious scratches. Folding tents in the packaging process, the shelf is placed on the following, the fabric on the top, use the blade to open the carton, it is very easy to lacerate cloth. It is best to use a pen tip or a key.

It is very important to install the folding gazebos, the manual is a good guide. Incorrect installation steps are also very likely to cause damage to the tent.

In a harsh environment, we must put the folding-up gazebos away. When you know that strong wind is approaching, please fold the tent in advance to close up, this can be better to protect the tent, more to avoid the tent bracket scattered and caused harm to others. 

Folding-up Gazebos

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