Advertising Tents, Outdoor Use

Mar. 11, 2017

When we go to the seaside or outdoor travel, often will see the beautiful tents, the emergence of tents also increased the feeling of home, some business is still printed some beautiful patterns on the tents, even advertising, which led to the birth of advertising tents. Many people often do not pay attention to the use of advertising tents, which led to its normal life and performance has been destroyed. We have some precautions.

Advertising Folding Gazebo

1.Do not use the time to stand upright, do not stack yards, in order to prevent the top of the cloth crushed.

2.Before use should check the screw of the cross tube part is tightened.

3.When you find any of the advertising gazebo shelves bent or modified, should immediately stop using, for maintenance, troubleshooting until they can continue to operate.

4.When advertising tents are perform outdoor display operation alone, should pay special attention to wind, when the guards leave temporarily, the advertising tent should be reduced to a minimum.

5.In the operation of a number of tents, tighten the bundle with each other, making it a whole to strengthen its wind resistance.

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