How to Use Advertising Tent Correctly?

Mar. 29, 2017

Advertising tents as a modern and innovative way of advertising, not only has a large activity, colorful and outstanding visual effects, and the image plan is not bound, planning can also be free to choose, Advertising tents especially the advertising folding gazebo was chosen by many companies as advertising methods. There are some considerations in the use of the process.

1.take it lightly, do not throw it;

2.pay attention to the packaging, do not scrap blindly with a knife, easy to form scratching tarpaulin;

3.Stacked to stand upright, do not stack yards, in order to prevent crushing the cloth;

4.Before using the advertising tent, check through the tube part of the screw is not tightened;

5.When the advertising tent for the outdoor display operation singly, should pay special attention to wind, when the caretaker temporarily disengaged, the advertising tent feet should be reduced to the first section.

Advertising Folding Gazebo

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