How Are Advertising Tents Generally Built?

Dec. 12, 2018

Advertising Marquee Tent are also called exhibition tents, four-legged tents, activity tents, outdoor tents, and the unique advertising logos of the new advertising carrier and the effect of thermal transfer, the advertising is done to the extreme. The easy-to-carry mobile tent is suitable for outdoor exhibitions, exhibitions, celebration gatherings, open-air banquets, travel and leisure.

Advertising Marquee Tent

(1) Gently remove the steel (aluminum) bracket and tent cloth from the carton by two people.

(2) The tents are opened 50% by two people.

(3) Place the tent cloth: outline the collar, first find the top of the tent cloth, put it on the top of the tent, and then stick the four corners to the four legs. The four feet of the tarpaulin are aligned with the four feet of the awning and are placed against the four legs.

(5) The two then opened the shelf 95%

(6) There are four spring buckles on the feet of each canopy, which are buckled in the upper and lower eyes. If it is heavy, use the shoulder force (because it is a new cloth), and also operate the four corners.

(7) The four inner tubes with the chassis are pulled out, and when they reach a certain height, they will be automatically buckled, so that the one can be installed.

Advertising zhangoping how to build, let's stop here today. If you need our outdoor products, such as tents, Folding Table With Wooden Top and so on, please feel free to contact us.

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