With a folding tent, Here's What to Know!

Sep. 05, 2018

As you may have guessed, it is a folding tent. As a Folding-up Tables Exporter, we want to say and for a long time to use, in addition to the selection of good quality, the use process should also pay attention to the following:

Folding-up Tables Exporter

After receiving the folded tent such as Pop Up gazebos 3m X 4.5m, you can't use sharp objects to open the package, so as not to cause damage to the cover.

According to the product instruction, learn how to open the tent; The tent could not be opened with brute strength, nor could it be pulled over the floor.

During the use of the tent, the weight can not be hung on it, it can not stand on the tent to test its load-bearing capacity, and it can not remove the various parts for its use.

The tent has been dusty for a long time and can be cleaned with warm soapy water for beauty. But don't use the brush, which can damage its waterproof layer. (after cleaning, the tent cannot be stored with water stains, otherwise the tarpaulin will become moldy, and the tent should be sent to a ventilated place for drying and storage.)

If a part is found damaged in the process of use, it should be dealt with in time. Don't use it if the weather is bad. If the tent is not used for a long time, put it away, fold it and store it in a dry place.If you any demand about out tent, welcome to contact us. We are professional Awning Tent Supplier China. High quility products will give you!

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