How to Fold A Folding-up Gazebos?

Aug. 13, 2018

The Folding-up Gazebos will not be used for a long time. It should be put away and stored in a dry place. How on earth will it be removed?

1. It is best to operate the Outdoor Folding Gazebo removal and collection by two people at the same time.

2. Empty the items inside the tent to see if each bracket has a weight attached to it. If so, put it away.

3. Check whether the folding tent bracket is abnormal, and the spring button of the tent should be fastened in the square tube; Remove the spring buckle from the square tube and operate each bracket in turn.

Four, two people stand opposite each other, respectively hold oneself direction two support, move toward the other side at the same time, make tent fold up.

5. Uncover the four corners of the cover and tear off the magic patch. The cover should be dried and replaced if damaged.

When the tent is folded up to 70% of the time, it can be placed flat on the ground. But keep the floor clean and don't get dirty.

Put each bracket in place and push the inner tube forward. (if it is an iron frame to pay attention to moisture-proof, if it is aluminum alloy to pay attention to whether it is pressed.

Fold the tent up to 100%. Erect it, not in a dry place.

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Outdoor folding gazebo

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