What Should I pay Attention To When Packing Tents?

Oct. 25, 2018

If you often see some outdoor activities outside of the tape, you carefully pay attention to their tents which are made up of Folding  Gazebos Accessories are in the backpack, not as we usually plugins in the backpack, if you are using the foreign system of tent, you will find that their tents with the domestic is the biggest difference is that the camp column and the bill is separate packaging, folding tent cloth, it accord with the inner pack size diameter, cloth make account may be placed on a backpack, and camp column is inserted in the bag on both sides, this is the foreign designers, consider the idea of user, before the posture of the aluminum frame backpack, camp packing problem is not big, but today the mainstream is mounted in the vertical backpack, It is difficult to bear the domestic design of the package of tents, it is not cannot change, so you have to abandon the original design to consumers, and can be very comfortable to back.

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Normally, also some people do, discarding the old tent coat, converted to a sleeping bag or waterproof cloth set inside and outside to account, won't appear so tent in a backpack, walk so long longitudinal or walking than the length of the intermediate mountains is no tent far wide of the backpack, think about shouldering vertical hanging in the backpack tents and tie meat appearance such as reed, placed horizontally in the backpack, again afraid hit or fallen tree trunk.

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