Outdoor Folding Gazebos Notes

Nov. 23, 2017

Now the city is full of nostalgia, so in the holiday leisure time, bring some outdoor equipment to find a beautiful place, take a pop up tent to raise a bonfire, in the fresh air and delicious food spend a day or two leisurely Time, it is estimated that many people's dreams.

The idea is very good, then what are the outdoor folding gazebos notes?

First decided to set up tents place, according to the order, by 4 people work together, do not need to spend much time, you can simply set a good. To consider the situation when the tent was withdrawn, the initial record with the situation, will be more convenient.

There are different types of tents, but at the same time there are different productions, paired with designs and combinations. Small tents, A-shaped tents, wall tents because of the order of construction, the combination of cable erection is the use of "erecting tents", and the recent development of improved warheads and cabin tents, it is a "tents."

The following is a basic type of tents, which has been quite popular since the wall-type tents, for example, tents set up way.

① the location of the decision

After considering the wind direction and the terrain, choose a flat place.

② tent equipment inspection

Pour the bag collection items, one by one to check the various parts. In order to facilitate the removal of tents and not missing anything, should be recorded first.

③ laying floor mat

After the mat is laid, the four corners are fixed with nails. If the moisture in many places, after laying the mat, and then laying mat on it.

④ erect pillar, opened the main rope

The bottom of the pillars will be put into the holes at both ends of the floor mats. At the same time, the top of the pillars will be put through the holes in the two pillars of the mantle and the left and right main ropes will be pulled up to avoid leaning to the left and right. In this way, the main body of the tent formed.

⑤ adjust the main rope, pull up the angle rope, waist rope

With the main rope attached to the rope, adjust the shape of the tent, the two pillars stand upright on the ground. Secondly, adjust the angle rope, waist rope with the support rope to make the appearance of the tent appear.

Be careful not to use sharp things when opening the package, so as not to scratch the fabric. In unused or windy time the folding Gazebos should be collected.


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