Folding Tents Are Used In A Wide Range Of Places

Nov. 05, 2018

A Folding Gazebos? Also known as quadrangle tent, awning, mobile tent, its use range is very wide, today fengyushun gives you a few common occasions.

Folding Outdoor Tent &Gazebos

(1) recruitment site

You can set up tables and chairs under a folding tent so the interviewer doesn't have to sweat in it and get wet in the rain.

(2) outdoor stalls

Using a Folding Outdoor Tent is the equivalent of a shop, which saves money on rent and utility bills. It can be set up on sunny days and rainy days, and there is no time limit. It is of good quality and has been used for a long time.

(3) wedding scene

Using a folding tent adds a different feel to a wedding, like a western wedding; Multiple tents can be put together, the top cloth color is more white.

(4) car sunshade

Many car owners choose to buy, it can be very good to protect the car; It can prevent eight problems in high temperatures, even in bad weather.

(5) promotion site

At this time, merchants will choose to print relevant information on the top cloth to achieve the publicity effect, and table, chair and sales items can be placed under the folded tent such as HEX Folding Gazebo.

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