How Should The Folding Outdoor Canopy Be Maintained?

Jul. 04, 2018

Folding Outdoor Canopycan be seen at job fairs, campus clubs, and outdoor weddings all over the country. They are widely used in both sunny and rainy days, day and night. And about the maintenance of Folding Outdoor Marquee, you must have seen a lot of information from the Internet, but those are useful?

(1) receive the Folding-up Gazebos, open its packaging and do not use sharp objects.

(2) don't rush to install the tent after opening the package. Read the product manual and learn how to install it.

(3) during the installation process, the top cloth shall not be dragged on the ground, nor shall brute force be used to avoid the damage of the cover cloth and the bending of the bracket.

(4) do not stand on the tent to test the bearing capacity during the use.

(5) after a long period of use, the tarp is covered with a grey layer and can be cleaned with warm soapy water; However, different from the principle of clothes, it cannot be put into the washing machine, and it cannot be stored immediately after cleaning.

(6) understand the proper use of the tent, and do not remove the accessories for its use.

(7) although the tent is of good quality, it is better not to use it in bad weather.

(8) the tent should be put away after use. If there is a tent bag, cover it and store it in a dry place away from sharp objects.

Do the above and trust that you will maintain your tent. Moreover, if you need tents,welcome contact us.As a Folding Gazebos Exporter, we will give you best service.

Folding Outdoor Canopy

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