What Do You Know About The Structure Of The Tent?

Sep. 12, 2018

The structures of the tents such as Folding Outdoor Tent China are usually DOME, TUNNEL, TUNNEL and TUNNEL. Dome tent we usually call it can stand on its own tent, we see most of the most common is cross, this tent structures, simple, the space is good, is the ideal choice of primary four, wind resistance of this kind of tent may be less, because of his windward side is equal, individual account is no good support, can only rely on the wind rope to balance and tensile strength of the fabric.

Folding Outdoor Tent China

We are tent supplier. We have all kinds of tent such as Canopy Gazebo 3m x 3m. If you have demand, you can visit our website. Maybe there are the products you need such as Pop Up gazebos 3m X 4.5m.

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