What Are The Categories of Tents?

Oct. 31, 2018

Tents from Folding Gazebos Accessories Supplier are indispensable equipment for outdoor activities. As for the classification of tents, I would like to give you an explanation today:

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(1) triangle tent

Before and after the use of herringbone iron tube as a support, the middle of a cross bar connected to support the inner tent, the external tent can be installed, this is the most common early tent style.

(2) a domed tent

Adopt double lever cross support, disassemble and assemble relatively simple, it is the most popular style on the market at present.

(3) hexagonal tent

Adopt 3 pole or 4 pole cross support, also some use 6 pole design, paid attention to the stability of the tent, it is the common style of "high mountain" tent.

(4) bilge tent

After prop up, resemble a small boat that buckles backward to come, can be divided again into 2, 3 different support means, be a bedroom commonly among, both ends are hall shed, paid attention to on the design windproof streamline, also be one of common tent design.

(5) roof tent

It is shaped like a small independent tiled house, which is usually supported by four corners and four vertical columns, and on which a rib-like structure roof is built. This kind of tent is generally tall and heavy, which is suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field work camping. Therefore, it is called "vehicle-mounted tent".

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