What Should Be Noted When Using A Folding-up Gazebos?

Aug. 03, 2018

When using a Folding-up Gazebos, you should pay attention to the following problems:

(1) it is better for two people to open the tent at the same time, facing each other vertically, hold two supports of the tent respectively, and extend and pull 50% to both sides.

(2) the cover is placed on the top of the middle of the bracket, and the four corners of the cover are pointed at the four corners of the bracket and pressed against the magic patch.

(3) extend and pull the support to both sides. Each support has four spring buckles, each of which is fastened in the eyes of the square tube moving up and down.

(4) pull out the four inner tubes of the foot plate, and automatically buckle them when reaching a certain height, and use them if there is no problem.

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Folding-up Gazebos

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