Tent Maintenance to Achieve the Position, The Road can Fully Play

Sep. 06, 2018

When setting up the High quality Folding Gazebos, try to choose the flat ground as much as possible, and clean the sharp hard objects such as tree branches and gravel in the area to avoid scratching the tent.

It is impossible for the ground to be completely clean and even when camping. Therefore, the cloth can be spread on the outside of the tent to protect the bottom of the tent, reduce the wear on the bottom of the tent and ensure a cleaner bottom.

Strong sunlight will damage the fabric strength of the tent. If you are camping in such weather for a long time during the day, you should pay more attention to the campsite. You can choose the shelter.

In rainy weather, wet clothes should be packed and put into the tent to prevent wet other clothes and sleeping bags.

As an Gazebo Tent Manufacturer, We aslo want to say please don't eat crumbs in your tent. It's not easy to clean and it attracts bugs.

The material of the tent is not fireproof, once near the fire source, burning the tent is small, burning the person is big! Therefore, it is not recommended to use the gas stove in the tent when camping. It is not only easy to cause burns and scalds, but also may ignite the clothing and sleeping bag in the tent.

When receiving the floor nail, if the floor nail touched the soil, it should be cleaned.

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