What Materials Does the Tent Usually Have?

Oct. 12, 2018

In general, High Quality Folding Gazebos are made from the following materials:

Customization Gazebos

(I) NYLON: strong, bright and smooth color, not fade easily, and soft texture, with good strength, not prone to mildew, no moth, hygroscopic small, when frozen does not harden, is the most widely used material.

(2) canvas: strong waterproof, good heat insulation effect, not hot when the sun is set, but hard and bulky, easy to absorb moisture, easy to mildew and fade, economic benefits have been inferior to nylon.

(3) TC cloth: the so-called TC cloth is a mixture fabric of T (commonly known as tetoron) and C (commonly known as cotton), woven in the warp part with tedolon, weft part with cotton yarn and synthesis as TC cloth, so it has the characteristics of both, wear-resistant, durable strength, breathable good quality and strong, and is mostly used in medium and large family accounts

(4) silk fu silk: nylon with rayon blended fabrics, so after synthetic nylon and the characteristics of the rayon, cloth smooth, permeability is good, but better durability and strength than pure nylon, multi-purpose at continental cold climate, such as in cold weather shut the gate at the same time also must be able to send out the bill of water vapor, just too stuffy or humidity is too heavy, so must be reused to the cloth.

(v) GORETEX: it is a product of the latest technology in the United States. It is breathable, waterproof, light, wear-resistant and durable. However, the price is quite expensive.

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