Common Tent Error Use Method

Nov. 27, 2018

Mistake 1: setting up a tent such as High Quality Instant Canopy Marquee without pulling a wind rope

When I saw too many friends outside, I didn’t pull the wind rope when I was setting up a tent. Many people thought that this thing was optional, and it was not necessary in the days when there was no wind. This is the one that makes the most mistakes.

The wind rope is not only windproof, but its more important role is to separate the inside and outside of the tent and fill the tent. After the internal and external accounts are effectively separated, the condensation on the external account will not wet the sleeping bags and clothing in the inner account.

Mistake 2: Straightening the nail to tie the rope

Straight nails, tied wind ropes, often see a lot of people hitting the nails straight at a 90-degree angle, not to say that this method must be wrong, but a better method should be 45-60 degrees outside the corner Hit the corners so that you can bear the most when you are stressed.

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