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Sep. 21, 2018

Outdoor folding gazebo is our outdoor home. It should not only keep us warm from the wind and rain, but also protect us from the mosquito bites outside. It is suggested that you should choose a brand with high cost performance when choosing, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Tent such as Pop Up gazebos 3m X 4.5m had better choose 4 seasons account or alpine double double double door, waterproof and warm a few better (three people above keep warm to differ) outside the waterproof of the tent want to be in 2000 above ground cloth is in 3000 above, support pole had better be aviation aluminium pole, its advantage is: intensity high pressure resistance is good, the weight is light not easy break service life is long. The disadvantage is that the price is a little higher, it is not recommended to choose FRP because it is cheaper but easy to crack and has a short service life and is very heavy. In terms of thickness, we can choose 8.5 instead of 7.9. After all, we are not going to make the top. Of course, the stronger the better.

Outdoor folding gazebo

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