Various types of tents

Dec. 28, 2017

Different tents designed for different purposes, there are different styles. As far as the shape of the tent is concerned, the common tents are generally divided into five styles.Nowdays the pop up Gazebos Marquee is more and more popular.

1 triangular Folding Gazebos: front and rear with herringbone iron tube for the stent, the middle frame of a bar connection, prop up the inner tent, fitted with an outer tent, which is the most common early tent style.

2 dome-shaped tents (also known as Mongolian package type): the use of double-pole cross-support, disassembly are relatively simple, is currently the market's most popular

3 hexagonal tents: three or four-pole cross-support, and some use six-bar design, focusing on the stability of the tent, is the "mountain" tents of the common style.

4 boat-shaped tent: propped up like an anti-bucked boat, but also can be divided into two, three different support methods, usually in the middle of the bedroom, two for the shed, in the design of the wind flow lines, but also One of the common tent styles.

5 ridge-shaped tent: shaped like an independent small tile roof, support is usually four corners of the four corners, the top of a ridge-like structural roof, the Pop Up Tent is generally relatively tall, bulky, suitable for driving family or relatively fixed field Homework camping, it is called Caravan Tent.

Pop Up Tent

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