A Little Trick Instantly Makes Your Folding Gazebos "Refresh"!

Jun. 06, 2018

Whether it is product promotion, or some arts and crafts Expo, or recruitment activities, outdoor  advertising folding tent is essential tools, but how to stand out in many "folding gazebos" has become a headache for many businesses.

In fact, sometimes using one or two elegant accessories can often give your exhibition tent a different effect. For example, if you want to display jewelry, we can provide a mirror with a gorgeous frame, so that customers can try on a necklace, which greatly enhances the consumer shopping experience.

For some of the more commercial exhibition space design, you can arrange some elegant flower arrangements or infectious inkjet in some spaces, or use high-tech printing technology to spray the company logo or the theme of the exhibition on the triangle of the exhibition tent. 

Advertising Folding Tent

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