Do You Know The Classification Of Tents?

Mar. 14, 2018

Do you still have any impression for Travelling frogs? In it, folding outdoor tents as props are divided into natural tents, stylish tents, and high-end tents. Their common function is to facilitate frogs to go camping.

It is not difficult to see that the style of tents in life is different, and the occasions and roles used are also different. The following is a simple introduction to the use of more folding tents, relief tents and construction tents.

Folding Gazebos: it is designed to be easily put into the trunk, which is easy to carry; recruitment, outdoor stalls, free clinic activities, friends gatherings, and store entrances are all available; it can be shaded and sheltered from rain outside; beside, the tarpaulin printing is also possible, so it has a publicity effect.

Relief tents: relief commands, post-disaster emergency treatment, disaster relief materials transfer and personnel accommodation are all available, and the size can be selected according to the number of occupants.

Construction tents: This is used on the construction site. Real estate under construction can be used as a place for temporary residence.

folding outdoor tents

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