Folding Outdoor Tent The Material Is The Key!

Jun. 15, 2018

The materials in general folding outdoor tent can be divided into fabrics, linings, primers, struts, etc. Generally speaking, the fabrics with the same labels have different densities and tensile strengths and waterproof pressures. Compared with different fabrics, nylon silk is thin and light, suitable for mountaineering and hiking campers. Oxford is thick but relatively heavy and suitable for tents for driving camping or small groups. From the perspective of waterproof coating, PVC waterproof is good, but winter will be hard, brittle, easy to crease or fracture, and PU coating can not only overcome PVC defects, waterproof is also very good. Multiple coated PU, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000MM.

With regard to the inner tent material of the gazebo tent, we usually use a cotton cloth with good breathability. However, from the point of view of use, nylon silk performance is better than cotton. In camping in the wild, because tents can easily absorb moisture, cotton fabrics are not easy to mold, and nylon fabrics are easy to dry and mold.

The bottom material of the tent, usually the main function of the bottom of the tent is waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Therefore, the choice of material also determines the grade of the tent. The low-grade tent is usually made of PE as the base material, and is also useful for PVC. The low cost is required. The double-sided film-covered PE, although with the waterproof and moisture-proof function. Winter is the nemesis of PVC base material, and PU coated Oxford cloth as the bottom material, whether in sturdy, cold resistance, or waterproof, it greatly exceeds PE.

Folding Outdoor Tent

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