How To Classify The Folding Outdoor Canopy Bracket?

Apr. 09, 2018

The classification of folding outdoor canopy 

The first is elastic steel, which is usually used in children's tent or beach bill, followed by our most common glass fiber tube, which has a series of 6.9, 8.5, and 12.5.

The thicker the stent, the stronger the steel and the weaker the softness. Therefore, whether or not the bracket selection of the fiber tube is reasonable should be determined according to the ratio of the size and height of the ground, and the over-thickness of the fiber tube can be broken. For example, the ratio of 210*210*130 is the more classic size. Such tubes are generally 7.9 or 8.5.

Finally, according to the aluminum alloy skeleton, which is relatively in high grade, according to the alloy ratio test is also more difficult, usually the original bracket overall curvature curve is calculated first, and then hot pressing shape processing. Easy to carry and easy to fold is his characteristic, but the quality is not good to bend and deform. Choose the right bracket of folding gazebos.

Folding Outdoor Canopy

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