How To Extend The Life Of Folding Outdoor Canopy?

Apr. 20, 2018

After using folding outdoor canopy, in addition to cleaning the dust and attachments, wipe the water on both sides of the fabric dry, and wait until dry before storing. If you do not dry it, it can easily cause problems such as mildew and sticking. It will shorten the life of the folding outdoor marquee!

When the tent is completely dry and stored, do not put any other things on the tent, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of degumming where the material is bent.

Regularly take out the tent for a long time in the sun and store it afterwards. This will prevent mildew and adhesion of the tent fabric. It will also make the waterproofing strips at the bent corner of the tent not produce degumming and prolong the service life of the tent. Also, after cleaning up the tent, it is not advisable to store it in its original bag.

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