How To Fold a Folding Canopy?

Mar. 30, 2018

Folding canopy is undoubtedly a very good outdoor "umbrella house", which can be used not only alone, but also in conjunction with multiple joint ventures to make temporary sites, temporary garages, and temporary workplaces. Folding tents are quick to install, but they do not close. Then the following part will teach you to easily fold folding tents!

1. Before folding and folding-up marquee tent, check the four feet of the tent and check if there are any stacking items. If so, remove the debris. At the top of the tent, check for debris, water, if any, clear debris and water.

2. Check the corners of the folding outdoor canopy brackets for any abnormalities. Pay attention to the four spring buttons on the corner. The spring button of the tent that holds up should be buckled in the square tube. The folded tent can be made. The square tube can be moved up and down.

3. Remove all the contents of the folded tent.

4. Two people stand in opposition to each other, and each person holds the two brackets of the folding tent.

5. The two push the stand in the other direction together to fold the top stand.

Folding Outdoor Canopy

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