How To Maintain The Exhibition Tent?

Apr. 14, 2018

Do not store wet exhibition folding-gazebos.

The first and most important point in tent maintenance is that wet folding outdoor canopy 3m x 4.5m should not be stored. If you do this, you will find that the next time you use it, the tent is ugly: how could a good tent be moldy before? How do you use a soft cloth to wipe the back, how to clean the air dry, how to sterilize, all methods are expected to be used all over. But your tent is not only shortened the service life, and musty is still there!

It will be very simple to handle folded tents before they are stored in the following way. Keep it dry in a sunny, ventilated, and breathable place. This will ensure that the shape of the tent remains basically unchanged.

Folding Outdoor Canopy 3m X 4.5m

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