Teach You How To Use Advertising Folding Tent To Be Fast And Good-Looking!

Jun. 20, 2018

Advertising folding tent is one kind common tent for us. Exhibitions, sales promotions, advertisements, and other events can all see mobile advertising tents. The role of mobile advertising tent we all know, then you know how to take it?

The common cross-advertisement tent is to lay the inner tent of the advertising tent underneath, remove the folded advertisement tent pole, and straighten it into a long pole. The advertising gazebo is then put into the advertising tent support rod cover above the advertising tent.

After the two advertising tent support rods were successfully put into use, each support rod was inserted into the small hole in the corner of the advertising tent. Then two people took hold of the two heads of the fixed activity, put the top of the support bar net, and tied it at the intersection of the advertising tent with a rope. After choosing the direction of the door, it will be able to successfully anchor the advertising tent underground. Using the floor nails, hooking the four-cornered ring into the soil, pay attention to letting the advertising tent spread out, so that the entire advertising folding tent can be completely tight.

Advertising Gazebo

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