How To Use Folding Tent?

Mar. 28, 2018

It's not hard to see folding outdoor marquee in the street, because wherever it goes, it can be used no matter if it's rainy or sunny, day or night, so many people who set up outdoor stalls choose to buy.

How to use the foldable tent, many people do not know. The following is the brief induction.

Folding outdoor canopy opening method:

At the same time, the two people opened the bracket by 50% and placed the tarpaulin on the top of the middle. The four corners of the tarpaulin were aligned with the four corners of the bracket.

Then extend the brackets to both sides and pull apart. There are four spring buttons on each bracket foot. The buckle is in the square tube eye that moves up and down, and pulls out the four inner tubes of the foot board. When it reaches a certain height, it will be automatically buckled. It can be used without problems.

Folding tent use process:

The tarpaulin is covered in ash, cleaned in order not to affect the appearance of warm soapy water.

When the tent is damaged, it should be processed in time.

The folding-up marquee is used up: it should be erected and put up, and then it should be put on with the tent bag.

Folding-Up Marquee

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