How to install Folding up Gazebos

Nov. 16, 2017

Folding up Gazebos are become more and more convenient to our life.Other folding products like folding tables,Canopy gazebos hot sale gradually become a fashional trend.It's very easy to install.The follows are the installation method

1.Find a more open place, put the tent stand erect good

2.Then stand on each side of a person, with both hands grab each side, slowly opened the tent stand, do not support the stand at once to the maximum.

3.When the tent support is half-opened, take the top cloth of the tent and cover the cloth slowly from the top to the bottom. Pay attention that the corner positions of the tent support and the cloth face correspond well

4.The top cloth position fixed, the two together, the opposite surface, opened the tent.

5.Re-force the activities of the tent bracket on both sides of the buckle, hold up to the safety switch stuck position, and then pull the top cloth edge can be the same as the four sides of the operation

Folding up Gazebos

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