How to Maintain Legs of Folding Table

Sep. 15, 2017

Folding tables are often used as outdoor activities or advertising because of it easy install and carry. The common types are Folding Table With Wooden Top and Folding Table With Aluminum Top. Most of the legs materials are aluminium or steel pipe as its material. Few people to maintain its legs after using. It will become rusty it go on like this. We, as a folding tables Supplier and Exporter, remind customers here:

Folding Table With Wooden Top

Folding Table With Aluminum Top

1. Be sure to promptly dry the surface of the legs with dry cloth, and then spray with car wax or sewing machine oil to maintain. 2. Wipe the oil stain on the legs with soft dry cloth. Rough and sharp materials are forbidden. 3. Do not use bleach containing ingredients such as 84 disinfectant. Clean it with water to maintain. 4. Use soap or weak washing wash to move the pipe surface dust and remove dirt easily available.

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