The maintenance of folding table leg

Oct. 23, 2017

Folding table legs using steel pipe, not timely dry, over time, will become rusty,but how should we care?

1. After the land must wipe dry the water of steel pipe surface, and then sprayed on the car wax or rub sewing oil maintenance;

2. Usually, when all kinds of steel pipe legs stained with oil,we can clean with dry cloth, we pay attention to do avoide scratching appearance of folding table legs.

3. To prevent the use of bleaching ingredients such as: 84

4. The appearance of the steel pipe dust and the dirt that easy to remove,we can use soap, weak wash to wash, binder ingredients, the use of alcohol or organic solvents scrub; steel pipe with bleaching agent and a variety of acid attached, immediately rinse with water Ammonia solution or neutral carbonic acid soda solution dip, washed with neutral detergent or warm water, washed and wiped the wax spray maintenance.

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Folding table

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