Outdoor Folding Gazebos Purchase

Jun. 12, 2018

The outdoor folding gazebos are mainly composed of four parts: the inside and outside tents, the brackets, the bottom of the accounts, the packaging and auxiliary accessories, and the tent design and support methods are also important technical indicators.

Therefore, when shopping, we should choose according to these factors. The outer tent of advertising gazebo is the protective layer of the tent. In general, the outer tent of the tent is a nylon cloth coated with a coating. The thickness and texture of the coating determine the rainproof performance of the tent. The texture of the nylon cloth is manifested in the hard wear-resistance and tear-proof degree. The perception is also very important.

The internal accounts should be relatively simple. Nylon fabrics or general gauze nets are used for the inner tents of the low-grade tents. Fine and fine gauze nets are used for the inner tents of the middle and upper grade tents to ensure good air permeability and mosquito resistance.

There is also a bracket, which can be said to be the “soul skeleton” of the tent. It supports the weight of the tent. The commonly used materials are glass steel and aluminum alloy. The glass steel and aluminum alloy are processed into 25cm to 45cm in length and 7mm to 12mm in diameter. The single pole of the hole, multi-section poles are connected together with elastic ropes, single and single sections are connected by plugging.

Finally, the bottom of the account, in general, the bottom of the account should have waterproof and strong wear-resistant features, the common bottom material for the PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth.

Outdoor Folding Gazebos

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