Stainless Steel Folding Tent Daily Maintenance Knowledge!

Jun. 29, 2018

In the summer, many friends like to go out camping, and camping naturally can not afford stainless steel folding outdoor canopy, but many people generally use the tents, do not pay attention to preservation, so the tent caused a great deal of damage, resulting in a lot of problems when the next time you use. 

Tips for the maintenance of stainless steel folding outdoor tent: We can dry naturally in a ventilated and cool place after washing, but do not bake in places exposed to intense sun exposure or high temperatures, those that cause back-off or degumming can accelerate aging. Tent cloth should be gently and evenly applied when cleaning. Do not use force and fierce brush to avoid short lines or brush off the pattern and decorative parts of the shoe body. At the same time, avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches. For some colored canvas tent fabrics, be careful not to come in contact with hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink to prevent it from staining with other colors. 

Folding Outdoor Canopy

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