The Charm Of Advertising Folding Gazebo!

May. 02, 2018

The charm of advertising folding gazebo is not all about appearance. I pay more attention to its convenience. It can be used in different sizes of venues. It can also be used on different grounds, such as sand, grass, cement or non-destructive ground like marble. The advertising folding gazebo can be built and used steadily with expansion screws, steel brazing and professional load-bearing systems.

Moreover, the Gazebo 3m x 4.5m is not only convenient for erection, but also convenient for shipping. Since the tent can be disassembled and installed, the length of the pillars of the interior structure of the tent can be guaranteed not to be too long.

In addition, the construction period of the mobile display tent construction is short, and it can be continued to build in other places at any time after dismantling!

Gazebo 3m x 4.5m

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