The Product Range Of Nanjing Sentai Outdoor Leisure Product Is "A Lot"!

Apr. 04, 2018

Folding gazebos are a familiar object for us. What are the products manufactured by Nanjing Sentai Outdoor Leisure Product? Many people may not know what types of tents can be classified.

General outdoor sports tents can be divided into quick opening tents and hand tents according to the way they are opened. Usually, the most we can see are advertising tents or promotional tents. These types of tents are easy to open and easy to carry, and they are the company’s and manufacturers’ outreach to organize the essentials of the event.

Friends who like to travel may use tourist tents. Most of the travel friends use three-quarter tents. These tents are suitable for ordinary outdoor activities but have limited ability to withstand cold. There is also a type of four-season tent suitable for winter use or alpine living. It is usually used by people who love adventure.

Folding Gazebos

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