Tips for Picnic

Sep. 25, 2017

With the development of people’s life, taking a picnic with friends or family is a popular way to spend weekend even holiday. Folding gazebo is no doubt welcomed among them because of their easy installation, water-proof and sun-shade functions. Then besides the preparation of travel route, what safe notes should we pay attention to? Outdoor Gazebo Tent Supplier, Nanjing Sentai Outdoor Leisure Product Co., Ltd would like to service tips for you.

Folding Gazebos

1. The wild camping site selection is better on flat ground near streams, ensure around there is no gravel slopes and water problem does not appear.

2. Gazebos location, the outlet must be in the leeward position. Then put some larger stones and other heavy objects on each corner of gazebo. 

3. Be ready for some drugs, such as cold medicine, fever medicine and some commonly used hemostatic and medicine for traumatic injuries. 

4. Fire and put the ashes sweep around the folding gazebo, thus can scare snakes, mice and keep you safe. 

5. Pay attention to the natural environment protection. When ready to leave to put out the fire.

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