Why Are Advertising Tents Widely Available?

Feb. 14, 2019

Nowadays, Advertising Tent have become a hot topic. Promotional conferences, corporate anniversary celebrations, and job fairs are all used in Trade Show Tents.

Why are Outdoor Exhibition Tent widely available?

(1) It can provide a place for outdoor activities. When it is used, it can avoid the influence of wind, sun, rain and other factors, and it can protect the products placed inside.

(2) It can shuttle through the streets and lanes, no longer limit one place; it is also easy to support in planning, saving time when using.

(3) The purchase of advertising tents can print relevant content according to the characteristics of the company, and the effect is clear, expressive, and the sun does not fade; the color of the tarpaulin is also available in a variety of colors, and the color is bright and placed on the outside.

(4) It can provide a display prop for the product promotion, create a promotion environment for product promotion, and add a publicity window for product promotion; the propaganda function is good, and no noise is generated when it is used.

5. Less funds than TV and online investment advertisements, suitable for large and small enterprises.

(5) It is not difficult to buy a tent, and can find suitable scales and raw materials.

(6) Scale: 2m*2m, 2.5m*2.5m, 2m*3m, 3m*3m, 3m*4.5m, 3m*6m; top cloth: 420D, 600D, 800D, etc.; bracket: iron frame, stainless steel , aluminum alloy.

(7) The raw materials used in the tents must meet the specifications, the quality is good, and the application time is long-lasting.

(8) At the end of the application, it can be shrunk and stored, and it is very convenient to withdraw. It can be transported to the next activity place.

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