What Kind Of Fabric Of The Outdoor Tent Should We Choose?

May. 23, 2018

For a small outdoor partner, a folding outdoor tent is sure to come in. However, there are so many types of outdoor folding gazebos. In the end, what kind of selection? Which kind of fabric is more comfortable to use?

In fact, generally we choose the outdoor tent, first to see its size, according to the individual needs to select the appropriate size of the tent. Then the fabric of the outdoor tent. In general, the tarpaulin or the outer tent of the tent are made of waterproof nylon cloth to resist the infiltration of rainwater. The waterproof tent is also applied with a waterproof glue on the suture part. To increase the waterproofness.

The fabric of the main account or the inner account is generally not as waterproof as the outer tent, but it has good air permeability. The ground cloth of the tent, like the outer tent, must use fabrics that can prevent moisture from penetrating the ground. Therefore, the water resistance of the ground cloth is also very necessary.

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