Why Use Folding Gazebos To Conduct Publicity When There Are So Many Publicity Methods?

Mar. 21, 2018

Distribution of leaflets, celebrity endorsements, the use of radio, free membership card, buy one get one free and etc., which belong to the propaganda method, but why do businesses man choose to use folding gazebos, compared with other advantages?

First, whether physical store or network sales, its manufacturers are not difficult to find; and many customers choose to make the Nanjing sentai outdoor leisure product that is experienced, good in quality and long in service.

Second, suitable specifications and materials can be found when purchasing: category ( S50 series, S40 series, S30 series ), specification ( 3mx3m, 3mx4.5m, 3mx6m ), top cloth ( 420 d, 600 d, 800 d ), bracket ( stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron frame ).

Third, goods don't have to sun fade in sunny day, rain also don't have to wet the body, and night light can be used. Folding outdoor marquee is a popular one.

Fourth, the use of less funds, environmental protection, will not produce noise.

folding outdoor marquee

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